tohorā (ORCA) ROOM

Providing a flexible programme appropriate for children from 2 1/2 up to 4 years

The Tohorā area runs an extensive programme driven from the child's interest and extended by the teaching team.

Kai time

All meals are set a specific times of the day.  Having a shared kai time ensures that staff can join the children at the tables and monitor their daily diet.  These times are preceded by kia ora kai and a variety of 'Healthy Heart' food is served giving child choice.

Group Learning Opportunities

During the course of the day we often gather for singing, show and tell, dramatic play, stories, and general discussions that pertains to children's interests. 


During free play the full curriculum is offered as well as activities based on children's interests, progression of learning and family aspirations.

Occasionally we have excursions and or visitors to promote and extend children's learning and interests.