The amazing OPEYS team

We are a team of professionals who strive to provide quality, inclusive and equitable care and education for individual children in partnership with family, whanau and the wider community. We share and practice a clear philosophy. We are committed enthusiastic advocates for children within a nurturing and welcoming environment.



  • Diploma of Teaching Primary

  • Certificate of equivalence ECE

  • Fully registered teacher

I’m Sue and I have over 30 years of awesome memories, experiences, fun and friendships at OPEYS.  With the OSCAR programme an integral part of our philosophy I have the pleasure of working with many children and their families for the  first ten years of their lives.

I am proud of the service we offer.  I consider myself very fortunate  to have been able to contribute to the development of OPEYS as a quality centre.



You can always find me tucked away in the office.  I am a 'Pom' at heart and have been in New Zealand since 1994 with my family consisting of my husband and two adult children.  I arrived on OPEYS doorstep in 2004 and was lucky enough to become part of the OPEYS team.  Prior to being at OPEYS I worked with fruit and vege and now I am surrounded by children and parents, which makes my day.


Team Leader - Wheke room

  • Bachelor of Teaching and Learning ECE

  • Fully registered teacher

The great thing about teaching at OPEY's is that every day is different.  Building positive relationships with the children gives the centre a family feel and the consistency of the teaching staff adds to this.  I have a particular interest in creative areas of play including art, drama and story telling.             I have been teaching at OPEYS since 1999 and I intend to continue enjoying the FUN for a long time to come.

Shelley, Cathy and Amanda

Wheke Team


Team Leader - Tohorā room

  • Diploma of Teaching ECE

  • Fully registered teacher

Hi I’m Mary-Anne, OPEYS has had to put up with me since 1998.  I qualified as an early childhood teacher in 2006.  I come with many years experience in preschool, as I spent lots of time with my children during their Playcentre days.  This is where my love of working with young children came from.   My keen interests are the outdoors and nature.  I love getting the children to experience the mud between their toes, and to run in the warm summer rain. They should grow plants and explore the bugs in the garden. I also love dramatising books where the children act out parts of the story.

Mary-Anne, jonelle, karrin, Penny and Isla

Tohorā Team

Fiona, Isla, Helen, Dani and Nicola

Shared leadership - Pātangaroa room

Roxanne, Heidi and Sharon

Shared leadership - Terehu room




Team Leader - OSCAR

  • Certificate in OSCAR care

I have been a reliever at OPEYS since 1997 and the centre has changed a great deal over the years. I now work at the OSCAR programme. I have my OSCAR certificate. Currently I am Supervisor of the Before & After School programmes. I received the 2011 regional award for outstanding contributions to OSCARS. I have been lucky enough to watch our OPEYS children grow and mature at our OSCAR programme. Many come & visit us when they have left primary school & it is great to see them & know they haven’t forgotten their time with us. OSCARS is an extended family from OPEYS & some great friendships have developed.

Luke, Tannah, Nadine, Susan, Rebecca, Isla and Sue